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Industry collaboration

The most successful alliance partnerships are those where a mutual dependency exists, where products or services can only be delivered through collaboration and where specific market needs are met or future market positions are being taken.  In many respects, a very focused collaboration can produce more timely and direct results to customers than broader industry based collaboration, which is long term due to the nature of the more diverse needs of its participant members, although the big solutions when implemented, re-shape an industry and its dynamics.  

Through our Alliance Partner Programme, we collaborate with industry participants including market data vendors, regulators and other bodies to provide robust solutions that enable competition in the supply and choice available to clients.

Michael Woodman, Managing Director, Radianz, BT, said: “Data is the new oil driving the growth of the global financial markets industry. Without clean reference data the whole trade cycle would not work. And regulatory reference data helps firms comply with regulations such as MiFID II. The success of financial institutions is increasingly tied to their ability to access data in a timely, secure, reliable and compliant manner. By accessing Euromoney TRADEDATA over the Radianz Cloud, institutions can help ensure they have the right data at the right time to make faster, better informed decisions across their trading operations globally.”

“The addition of futures and options on standard futures into the CUSIP Options Service is an important step forward for transparency and accessibility in the futures markets,” said Matthew Bastian, Director, Market and Business Development and West Coast Operations at CUSIP Global Services. “Not only will  this new coverage help global firms track futures and options on futures more efficiently, it will help to standardise the identification processes currently being used in these markets. We look forward to working with Euromoney TRADEDATA to make this important data set accessible to the marketplace.”

Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull, said, “We’re excited to offer Euromoney TRADEDATA new avenues to deliver and monetise their data to a variety of desktop and cloud services. We see this innovative approach as the first step towards an on-demand ‘Netflix’-style distribution model for data producers and consumers.”

Alphalion’s CEO, Lou Wang, said “We are pleased to partner with Euromoney TRADEDATA. Asia is a fast-growing market where we see great demands for innovative products – Euromoney’s data model will empower our client with comprehensive and reliable data sources, enabling them to achieve higher degree of automation of their operational process through Alphalion’s next-generation middle and back office platforms.”

Partner Programme

Euromoney TRADEDATA Partner Programme is designed to ensure both parties gain maximum benefit from the relationship by fostering a strong and complementary go-to-market approach that addresses the needs of customers, while driving revenue and market share.

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