Partnership with Euromoney TRADEDATA Brings OneChicago’s Futures Products into CUSIP Numbering System

New York, July 5th 2016

CUSIP Global Services (CGS) today announced the expansion of its CUSIP Options service to include single stock futures. The expansion was made possible through an extension of the CGS partnership with Euromoney TRADEDATA, a financial information provider specializing in futures and options products. Under the partnership, CGS will assign CUSIP IDs to all single stock futures traded on the OneChicago exchange.

The CUSIP Options Service provides unique CUSIP IDs for over 500,000 equity, ETF and index options, along with accompanying ISINs and related data elements such as strike price, contract name, exchange code and underlying symbol.  Market participants can receive the CUSIP Options Service directly from CGS or via an authorized market data vendor. 

"The addition of single stock futures into the CUSIP Options Service is an important step forward for transparency in the synthetic secured lending marketplace," said Matthew Bastian, Director, Market and Business Development and West Coast Operations at CUSIP Global Services. "We believe this new coverage will help global firms better track and manage various derivatives contracts in their security master files and we're grateful for the opportunity to work with Euromoney TRADEDATA to make this important data set accessible to the marketplace."

The CGS partnership with Euromoney TRADEDATA was formed initially in 2009 to launch CUSIP coverage for listed equity, index and ETF options in the U.S. market, and subsequently expanded in 2012 to add Canadian options. Building on the success of the initiative, the two parties have now added single stock futures to the CGS database. 

"Effective collaboration is the result of both hearts and minds and is, once again, evidenced in our joint announcement with CUSIP Global Services of the introduction of OneChicago's futures products into the CUSIP numbering system," said Mark Woolfenden, Managing Director, Euromoney TRADEDATA. "OneChicago's equity index and particularly single stock futures are of great interest to market participants especially in the U.S., where single stock futures of largely U.S. domiciled firms are also listed across the U.S. equity option exchanges, where trade and product identification will be well serviced by the CUSIP with its proven heritage."

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