Euromoney TRADEDATA partners with MDX Technology, connecting the industry to specialised data sets in simple, rapid, cost effective ways.

London - 12 JULY 2022 

Euromoney TRADEDATA today announces a significant new partnership with MDX Technology (MDXT). MDXT's extensive pre-built data distribution connectors extend simple, rapid and cost-effective access by enabling Euromoney TRADEDATA to deliver more innovative products to the market over the web and via other interfaces.

Euromoney TRADEDATA provides on-demand access to market-leading reference data and instrument symbology for the derivatives industry. It enables users to search, find and integrate the data they need into trading systems and workflows for original data sourcing, regular updates, or validation on the fly.

Mark Woolfenden, MD at Euromoney TRADEDATA commented. "We are delighted to partner with MDXT to support the industry’s need for new and refined data sets. Our flexible, on-demand data consumption model ensures users only pay for the data they do need and not for data they don’t. By using MDXT's proven capabilities we can now provide more innovative products and reach new customers through flexible web interfaces, which allows them to request specific data products from our range faster and more efficiently. Watch this space, there is more to come.”

Nigel Someck, CEO at MDXT. "The collaboration with Euromoney TRADEDATA is a further demonstration of the flexibility of our technology solutions. It is no longer appropriate for data providers to simply make data available and expect customers to do the graft adapting it to their required format. We see significant demand for on-demand reference data to be delivered in a variety of different formats for clients to derive value from the data - be it for pre and post trade validation, regulatory compliance, STP, etc. We are delighted to be helping them to drive much-needed innovation and change across the industry, enabling many more users to access the data they need in the format they want and at the right price point. We are excited about the opportunities this represents for both our organisations and the data consumer sector as a whole”


Find out how the collaboration between Euromoney TRADEDATA and MDX Technology provides fast, easy access to the specialised data sets you need, in the format you want at our partner webinar on Thursday 8th September 2022 at 3pm (GMT) 10am (EST) - Register Here

If you have any questions about this partnership, please contact us.

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