Euromoney TRADEDATA moves to cloud and launches TRADEDATA Central

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Chicago and London, 16th October 2018

Euromoney TRADEDATA confirmed the launch of TRADEDATA Central, its cloud-based platform to boost distribution of golden source futures and options contract, symbology and regulatory data. TRADEDATA Central will enrich the API economy serving fintech and on-demand solutions, offering futures and options data with faster access to intraday refreshed datasets, boasting easy setup and data feed management.  This new platform will power enhanced user experiences through integrated desktop, online and search workflow tools and increase business resilience as a validation or failover data source. TRADEDATA Central easily integrates with third-party developer applications and dynamic trade life-cycle workflows, including regulatory compliance.   It can also provide real-time data transformation to achieve trading system interoperability and offers a lower cost alternative than maintaining large in-house data stores for small to medium firms.

In a statement at the start of the FIA Expo in Chicago, Managing Director of Euromoney TRADEDATA, Mark Woolfenden, said "I am pleased to confirm that we not only have a cloud strategy but a robust cloud solution successfully in place, following an ambitious 18-month project to migrate all of our existing business infrastructure and data management processes into the cloud. Cloud computing perfectly matches our industry role as a data vendor; we can scale costs in line with business growth and intelligently manage the significant increase in data assets we are planning and mitigate what was the constant challenge of rightsizing physical server capacity."

Euromoney TRADEDATA’s Business Development Director, Gregg Whitbread, said “with the release of TRADEDATA Central we open up our extensive data library of hundreds of attributes to the global futures and options community, enabling the selection of data items that exactly meet the need as well as the universe of coverage, whether that be at a market, region, asset class or individual product level.  We strongly believe that users will welcome the whole new level of flexibility this Data as a Service offering and enjoy the benefit of paying only for what they need, when they need it.”

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