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Celebrating its 20 year history in 2017

20 years young and still stronger than ever in the industry...

Welcome to a look back on our world over the last two decades of arguably unprecedented change in the financial markets in which we operate. We are proud to say that we have been very able to respond to change as a result of the quality of our people and of our investment in technology. We hope you will join us in looking forward to another 20 years of team Euromoney TRADEDATA.

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Golden cogs working together

Established and trusted reference data provider to the futures and options industry

Euromoney TRADEDATA is an established and trusted reference data provider to the futures and options industry and has witnessed success, failure and recovery in a market whose structure has fundamentally changed over the last decade but now faces its biggest challenges ahead as a result of significant regulatory change.  For 20 years, Euromoney TRADEDATA is proud to have supplied reference data services to clients.  During this time the company has worked closely with its customer base to innovate, develop and implement enhanced customised reference data solutions and has tackled market data vendor symbology, responded to increased activity in OTC clearing and new regulatory reporting requirements mandated as a response to the financial crisis.  

Making data work for you

Gold standard

The company’s business has grown and matured and touches almost every participant in the futures, options and OTC cleared products market including strategic alliances on symbology services and data distribution channels.  Euromoney TRADEDATA has become the gold standard for futures and options reference data in central data repositories for many top banks as a strategic vendor and its simple proposition of engagement to develop reference data solutions that clients need, continues to drive efficiencies and release firm’s physical and intellectual capital to focus on creating trading strategies to deliver competitive advantage.

Community data model

The company’s core strengths derive from combining its subject matter expertise with solid data engineering skills to bring new products to market which solve clients’ problems and to continuously engage with its customers to improve their trade processing efficiencies and for them to remain compliant with the requirements of tough regulation.  The company has serviced the industry by leveraging a proven community data model to become a trusted partner and has evolved from data products to data solutions to meet the exacting standards and expectations set by its demanding clients.  Central to the success of its business and that of its clients, Euromoney TRADEDATA has forged strong and enduring alliances with peer group vendors and system providers that have enabled it to aggregate licensed data that a single supplier of licensable market data would not be able to achieve.

Solution pathfinders

Euromoney TRADEDATA has a modern, adaptable and flexible operation that is geared around customisation of client services, a business that takes a creative approach to solving data problems and an organisation that delivers a proven value proposition to the world’s top tier banks.  It remains very positive about its future position in the industry, its prospects for entering other asset classes and its continued support from a well-serviced client base whose trust in its data remains as strong as ever.

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