Trading dates for your middle and back office

Calendar data is mission critical to your business operation to manage the ever present risk of missed trades, reduced profits and unhappy clients.

Efficient trade management can only be achieved by combining accurate and timely data with your technology of choice, available in application ready or proprietary file format.

Calendar - Resolving dates, enabling trading

“Proactively manage client portfolios without missing a trade execution by knowing your positions last trading dates, instrument session times and exchange holidays”

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No More Missed Trades

Calendar ensures the distribution of mission critical trade dates across multiple trading platforms from the front to the back office and enables middle office professionals to keep on top of trading dates and still have time to actively manage client portfolios without missing a trade execution.

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Symbol Mapped Data

Calendar is a proven, outsourced trading dates service, which provides clients access to trusted, fully symbol-mapped, golden copy trading dates master files, for easy integration into front, middle and back office systems and the workflows that surround them.

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Built To Your Requirements

Calendar offers trading dates reference data files built to specific requirements covering asset class and exchange coverage and supported through its proven community data model which, for over two decades, has lowered both cost and just as importantly, risk for the industry.

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Calendar - Resolving dates, enabling trading

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