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Accurate reference data reduces failed trades and minimises errors in transaction reporting. With many new and innovative contracts being listed and existing contracts regularly being amended or delisted, it’s more important than ever in today’s modern trading environment to have access to the most up to date and accurate reference data…Welcome to ConSpex.

ConSpex - Resolving contracts, enabling transparency

“Access detailed fit for purpose contract specification and comprehensive exchange related data points for global listed derivatives markets”

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Trusted Golden Copy

ConSpex is a proven, outsourced reference data service, which provides clients with access to trusted, golden copy securities master file data for use in front, middle, back office and market data systems, and the workflows that surround them, without the cost and risk of maintaining in-house teams.

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Strong 3rd Party Relationships

ConSpex is a high quality, normalised reference data feed offered to the industry through collaboration with exchanges and alliance partners, whose strong relationships enable a dedicated global team of data controllers to collate, interpret and validate information consistently, accurately and reliably.

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Reduces costs and risk

Reduces Costs and Risk

ConSpex delivers reference data files built to specific needs for data item, asset class and exchange coverage requirements, supported through its proven community data model which, for over two decades, has lowered both cost and just as importantly, risk for the industry.

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Too many internal siloes?

In many financial institutions, front, middle and back office professionals use data from preferred sources, which are more often than not updated independently and are not well equipped to ensure consistent data is available for use across an organisation.  Siloed data in the business can lead to a number of issues, including inaccurate data, process failures leading to out trades and the more expensive integration of new functional applications, where silo legacy costs and merging large complex feeds remain a challenge for technology groups.

ConSpex - Resolving contracts, enabling transparency

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