Efficiently keep track of corporate actions affecting future and option contracts

Corporate action information plays a critical role for many international firms. The demand for aggregating and delivering accurate corporate actions continues to grow, and while the quality of data has improved over the years, there is still room for improvement… Welcome to Euromoney TRADEDATA’s Corporate Actions

Everything you need to know about Corporate Actions

What are Corporate Actions?

Corporate actions are activities initiated by a company, usually approved by a board of directors and sometimes by a meeting of shareholders. It can have a material impact on an organisation, affecting various stakeholders like shareholders. Corporate actions can be of many different types, including, but not limited to, dividends, stock splits, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate spin-offs. – download our ‘What are Corporate Actions” brochure to find out more.

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“Corporate Actions are critical to the smooth functioning of the financial sector. Without timely and accurate corporate actions portfolios will be mispriced, shareholder votes will be missed and reconciliations will fail”

Corporate Actions watch list of ViewXone

Watch List

Never miss a corporate action on the contracts you are following.  Tick the “Watch Contract” against the contract you want to follow and get notifications across the top of ViewXone screen and in the notices area.

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Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Corporate Actions global coverage, helps you efficiently keep track of corporate actions affecting future and option contracts on a global scale.

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Intraday files

Intraday Updates

Corporate actions are a critical resource for all financial services companies. These actions can have a huge impact on share prices and can convey the company’s state to the shareholders, so our intraday updates keep you in the know.

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Link to Corporate Actions notices

Link to the original notice

Understanding what exactly the corporate action event means is so important, with Euromoney TRADEDATA's Corporate Actions you can view the original exchange notice (where provided) to see all the information relating to the corporate action event.

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Market Coverage for Corporate Actions

Download the list of exchanges covered in our Corporate Actions market coverage

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Corporate Actions Event Description

See all the event descriptions available on Corporate Actions

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