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On demand or data feed based, content-rich transaction reporting data that complies with key international regulatory mandates, all delivered into TRADEDATA’s powerful community data model for quality assurance. 

Regulatory reference data from Euromoney TRADEDATA minimises the risk associated with non-compliant transaction reporting; allows middle and back offices to focus on other areas of business management and reduces the cost and impact of maintaining internal regulatory database siloes.

RegXone - Resolving reporting, enabling compliance

“Minimise the risk associated with non-compliant MiFID, EMIR and CFTC transaction reporting with access to the data you need in your regulatory hub”

Compliant Technical Standards (clip board)

Compliant Technical Standards

RegXone ensures the data attributes that are mandated for regulatory trade reporting are available in reference data files, built to specific needs for asset class and exchange coverage requirements, and are compliant with relevant regulatory technical standards.

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Customised format

RegXone is delivered in secure data feeds, customised in the format needed for proprietary enterprise-wide repositories, security master files or third-party vendor solutions, enabling the easy integration and application of regulatory compliance data across multiple trading platforms and workflow systems.

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Futures, Options and OTC Cleared Contracts

RegXone service provides clients with access to proven in use and trusted regulatory data for robust transaction reporting of futures, options and OTC cleared contracts globally.

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Fast forward to past history

Under market surveillance legislation a Competent Authority can investigate the transaction reporting records of firms up to seven years in arrears and can impose material fines based on their findings.  Euromoney TRADEDATA has prepared a time series historical archive which includes regulatory tags for tradeable products from EMIR market start to the present day.  

For easy integration, the archive data can be enriched with a customer’s symbology of choice, subject to third party licensing where applicable, for front, middle or back office systems.  Timely access to accurate historical data will materially assist in future regulatory investigation cases and can be used in regular internal back testing to proactively remediate non-compliance by identifying and potentially reducing future liabilities arising from regulators’ fines.

RegXone - Resolving reporting, enabling compliance

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