The transaction reporting data solution of choice

On demand or data feed based, content-rich transaction reporting data that complies with key international regulatory mandates, all delivered into TRADEDATA’s powerful community data model for quality assurance. 

Regulatory reference data from Euromoney TRADEDATA minimises the risk associated with non-compliant transaction reporting; allows middle and back offices to focus on other areas of business management and reduces the cost and impact of maintaining internal regulatory database siloes.

RegXone - Resolving reporting, enabling compliance

International compliant data

As a specialist data vendor Euromoney TRADEDATA has supported reference data needs in the derivatives industry for over two decades and is responsible for improved processing efficiencies across multiple trading platforms from the front to the back office.  We have innovated new data content and engineered customised data feeds covering exchange, contract and Symbology information delivered to the global banks, key software vendors and regulatory authorities. 

The wave of regulatory reform internationally with punitive fines for non-compliant transaction reporting is challenging the supply of fit for purpose compliance data.  As the premium provider of global futures and options reference data, Euromoney TRADEDATA is pleased to offer a suite of transaction reporting data that complies with regulatory mandates internationally.  Fit for purpose, enriched compliance data is available for key exchange traded and key OTC cleared markets.

Fast forward to past history

Under market surveillance legislation a Competent Authority can investigate the transaction reporting records of firms up to seven years in arrears and can impose material fines based on their findings.  Euromoney TRADEDATA has prepared a time series historical archive which includes regulatory tags for tradeable products from EMIR market start to the present day.  

For easy integration, the archive data can be enriched with a customer’s symbology of choice, subject to third party licensing where applicable, for front, middle or back office systems.  Timely access to accurate historical data will materially assist in future regulatory investigation cases and can be used in regular internal back testing to proactively remediate non-compliance by identifying and potentially reducing future liabilities arising from regulators’ fines.

RegXone - Resolving reporting, enabling compliance

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