Why ViewXone?

Our online ViewXone service enables instant access to detailed exchange and reference data on global futures and options contracts.  No more trawling across a multitude of resources to find what you need.  Want to know if it is an exchange holiday or the last trading date of a contract?  Just log in and look it up.

ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

ViewXone - Cost effective across the enterprise

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Cost effective across the enterprise

One of the key benefits of ViewXone is that it is cost effective.  There is no need to employ staff to collate data internally, saving you time and money. Plus ViewXone avoids the overhead of building and maintaining a specialist in-house system.  Set up and access reference data instantly with no technology overhead, it’s online.  Just sign in and get access anywhere, anytime. 

Low cost and efficient client service

With budgets decreasing, firms face the heightened challenge of investing into fit for purpose systems with minimum implementation and business impact and for quick and sustainable returns - ViewXone can deliver.

Features include:

  • A comprehensive database providing a deep data experience
  • Exchange information for over 110 exchanges
  • Exchange member details of over 13,000
  • Contract specification for over 80,000 contracts
  • Global diary (trading date calendars)
  • Exchange holiday dates
  • Historical volume data going back to Q1 1980.
ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

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