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Increasing efficiency in sell-side reference data management
Trusted by the top global investment banks
Global Head of Market Data, Technology Vendor
“Our main requirement is a single source of consolidated data which means we don't have to go through the pain of sourcing it from multiple suppliers - we get this from ETD.”
VP Business Analyst FO and OTC Clearing, Sell side T1
10 out of 10. If I went to a different firm and they didn’t use ETD, then I would tell them that they should look into it as a source of data because of the difference they would make.
F&O Projects, Sell Side T2
“Having accurate data is the driver for any business these days, as well as the ability to customise it to suit the end user's needs. I think this is a key distinguishing factor of ETD.”
Asset Information Manager, Buy Side
“Accuracy is the most important thing for us, and that's why we onboarded ETD. They provide accuracy at a reasonable price, and their solution is easy to use.”
Trusted by the top global investment banks
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Tailored data solutions

Most providers of market reference data operate a model of ‘one size fits all’. This leads to overpaying for the data you need because they include a lot of data you never use.

With ETD, you only pay for the data you want, ensuring that every client is getting a tailored data set based on their needs.

ETD’s reference data is also widely used to validate data from other sources, so if you are trading Futures and Options our solutions will enable you to reduce the risk of trade brake, increase operational efficiency and better comply with changing regulation.
Unrivalled data quality and coverage

Many of our clients are already using other established data providers, however, it’s unlikely that they can give you access to all the data you need.

With over 110 exchanges covered, we deliver the most comprehensive Futures and Options data you can get.

We also work with 20+ partners including Bloomberg and Refinitiv, and it is this multi-vendor participation in our Symbol Mapping service that sets us apart. A reliable and efficient data workflow fit for a complex world.
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Building a reliable and efficient data workflow fit for a complex world

The demand for processing and reporting reference data in derivatives trading has increased in the past decade. This has resulted in heightened concerns over financial and reputational risks associated with inaccurate data, making compliance departments more vigilant.

To establish an efficient workflow, minimise operational costs, and meet reporting requirements, the sell-side must better manage reference data internally and externally.

Introducing ETD Data Solutions
Symbol Mapping

Improve your operational efficiency and enhance your client experience with the industry’s leading symbology service.

  • Proven symbol mapping
  • 20+ distinct symbologies
  • Multi-vendor compatibility
Corporate Actions

Access timely and accurate corporate actions so portfolios are priced correctly, shareholder votes aren’t missed and trades are reconciled. 

  • Global coverage
  • Timely updates
  • Link to original notice
Regulatory Reporting

Minimise the risk associated with non-compliant MiFID, EMIR and CFTC transaction reporting.

  • Trusted data
  • Easy integration
  • Fit for purpose
Contract Specification

Access detailed fit-for-purpose contract specification and comprehensive exchange-related data points for global listed derivatives markets.

  • Complete and accurate data
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Customised to your need
Calendar Dates

Proactively manage client portfolios without missing a trade execution.

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Symbol-mapped data
  • Designed around your needs
Historical Data

Access historical listed derivatives reference data, EMIR and MiFID Aii and ISINs back to January 2008.  

  • Comprehensive archive
  • Plug and play data
  • Enriched with symbology
Key Features
Powerful search function with customisable searches.
Multiple vendor and market symbology database.
Key regulatory transaction reporting data.
Contract Specifications.
Trading Dates, Exchange Holidays and Session Times.
Margins for Futures​.
Monthly Trading Volumes and Open Interest​.
Flexible and cost-effective
See ViewXone in action
A single, easy-to-use portal that puts all of ETD’s data at your fingertips.
Explore our other data delivery channels
For on demand access to market leading data.
  1. Apps that fit your workflow and put the power of data exactly where you want it
  2. API
    Anytime access to machine-readable, high-quality reference data directly into your systems
  3. Effortless desktop access and sharing of ETD’s data sets through our easy-to-use Excel add-in
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