Trade Processing Perfection

A zero-tolerance approach to data accuracy is not only the expectation but now the norm in any data business that services the financial markets.

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Mobile Devices

Millennials in the Machine

Millennials are already beginning to establish modernising cultures, where they have risen to positions of significant influence.

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ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

Essential Remote Workflow Solution

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the growth in remote working solutions, in response to changing patterns of modern day working, have enabled continuity of business operations for exactly the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

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It's a bot's life

"Please don't be a FussBot mother”, beeped InventiBot. “But it's my prime directive”

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API Logo

The Rise and Rise of APIs

Much has been written about the role of APIs, which are in ubiquitous use these days..

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Terminator face

Lessons from Terminator

There is no science fiction today, only a temporal gap between it becoming reality..

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