Regulation stamp on top of papers

MiFID II and the data gaps – avoiding a costly combination

As the reporting requirements placed on industry become more onerous, electronic trading and general digital transformation become more important. 

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Where we lead, others try to follow

Where we lead, others try to follow

While there have been many paradigm shifts, we have remained true to our mission of solving our customers’ operational problems through innovation.

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Paddling in sea of paper

Replumbing the legacy systems, not with a spanner, but with a keyboard

You continue to do that until all of a sudden, the core legacy system is really not of much use. So it's a major re-plumbing exercise but instead of a spanner in our hand, it's a keyboard.

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Leapfrog Legacy Technology

Reference data: is it time to leapfrog your legacy systems?

It’s a classic dilemma where companies find themselves with one foot in the past and one foot in the future.

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Trade Processing Perfection

A zero-tolerance approach to data accuracy is not only the expectation but now the norm in any data business that services the financial markets.

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Mobile Devices

Millennials in the Machine

Millennials are already beginning to establish modernising cultures, where they have risen to positions of significant influence.

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ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

Essential Remote Workflow Solution

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the growth in remote working solutions, in response to changing patterns of modern day working, have enabled continuity of business operations for exactly the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

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It's a bot's life

"Please don't be a FussBot mother”, beeped InventiBot. “But it's my prime directive”

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API Logo

The Rise and Rise of APIs

Much has been written about the role of APIs, which are in ubiquitous use these days..

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Terminator face

Lessons from Terminator

There is no science fiction today, only a temporal gap between it becoming reality..

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UI Image

The UIs have it - the development of the user interface

Ever since early cave dwellers painted a visualisation of the world around them, humans have had a fundamental need to socialise and communicate with others..

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Beagle dog working at a desk on a desktop computer

New Dog, Old Tricks

Every cloud has a silver lining, at least that's what our elders drummed into us..

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Symbology tunnel

Content, Not Form

Unique instrument standards do exist, it is just that there are multiple instances of uniqueness..

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Blue skyline with trading arrows

Best of both worlds

The dictionary entry for the word Utility defines it as a “the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial”

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Man and women holding hands with skyline in the background

Paradigm's Lost

Paradise Lost, John Milton's epic books of poems, concerns the biblical story of the Fall of Man

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Magnifying Glass Looking at Regulations

Waking the living

We are all used to the themes of the more popular forensic TV series applying science with creative thinking processes..

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Office skyline in the background with a business person holding a pen

Regulatory investment for competitive advantage

Now is a good time to invest for competitive advantage under regulatory initiatives, or is it?

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Office skyline with a person putting the last piece into a puzzle

The must have 2015 CFI Code for MiFID II

Not just here and now, but now and then....Reg data transformation and history

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World background with two people pushing giant puzzle pieces together

Aiis to the Right

Despite the majority of the industry’s practitioners’ opinion that the proven Aii is being replaced with the somewhat inferior ISIN symbology..

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Different coloured pieces going into a cog

No Lingua Franca for Instrument Data

The absence of a common language to unify the identification of financial instruments between trading participants across a trade lifecycle, necessitates good symbol management.  

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Office skyline with two business peoples hands shaking

8 out of 10 data users can't be wrong?

The force of the community data model applied to reference data is consistent and progressive but at times supercharged in its reaction to fundamental market change.

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