Where we lead, others try to follow

Where we lead, others try to follow

Euromoney TRADEDATA has been a trusted source of futures and options reference data for 25 years. It has witnessed so many significant changes in the industry over that time but has remained a trusted partner at the side of its clients.

While there have been many paradigm shifts, Euromoney TRADEDATA has remained true to its mission of solving its customers’ operational problems through the innovation of data solutions and services. Unifying disparate sources of global exchange, market and vendor reference data into industrial strength data feeds, individually customised for each client, has set a high benchmark within the industry together with the respect and recognition of de facto standards that have resulted from widespread practitioner use.

Euromoney TRADEDATA has recorded many firsts in innovative data solutions, including exchange fees, multi-vendor symbology and regulatory reporting data, and it continues to expand its provision of reference data solutions to medium and small trading enterprises, through its well established partner programme and leading edge personal workflow products.

So, where we lead, others try to follow - sometimes copied, but never equalled.

Find out for yourself by speaking to one of our solutions team and see exactly why we have been the golden source of reference data for 25 years.  Use the contact us form or email sales@euromoneytradedata.com

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