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Guide: TaDa - Your personal reference data chatbot from ETD

Our latest guide, 'TaDa: Your personal reference data chatbot from ETD' discusses the problems with slow and error-prone data retrieval and how TaDa can provide real-time reference data access on Symphony.

The comprehensive guide also covers how chatbots can integrate data delivery within workflows and enhance trading compliance and efficiency. Finally, we explore future applications of chatbots for derivatives trading.

Download your copy and start your journey with TaDa today.


ETD supplies futures and options instrument data for over 100,000 contracts on over 110+ exchanges – contact us to request a sample or to discuss your derivatives data needs.


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    The use of reference data is not always an ‘after the event’ activity for reporting purposes. Futures and options reference data in particular is not only instrumental but also mission critical in price discovery for forward-priced transactions. As such, any problem with this data, whether at source , in its delivery to an end user application, or because of a ‘glitch in the matrix’ on the end user side , can cause major headaches.
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