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Embracing Automation and Collaboration Tools to Inject Reference Data into the Trade Lifecycle

Firms need flexible access to the reference data required to ensure workflows can proceed without interruption. ‘One-size-fits-all’ bulk data licensing models are increasingly less fit for purpose.

Emerging solutions with the potential to decrease the cost of data and increase flexibility of access are data delivery mechanisms based on collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Excel, the Symphony messaging network and OpenFin financial desktop integration platform. These tools, coupled to new commercial models, could break the traditional data delivery mould and deliver on-demand data services.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • The need for lower-cost reference data delivery mechanisms

  • Finding a balance between these and traditional bulk data models

  • How collaboration tools can be used to swiftly deal with data quality issues

  • Technology solutions and services based on these types of tools

  • How new commercial models can facilitate reference data delivery in the trade workflow

  • Potential benefits of integrating new data delivery mechanisms.


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