Webinar: Leapfrog your legacy technology

Webinar: Leapfrog Your Legacy Technology - The Reference Data Revolution

Is there a blueprint for delivering and handling market reference data which would allow firms to take advantage of new technologies without instigating massive change management programmes?

In this webinar, we speak to industry leaders who understand the challenges involved in developing best practice.

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Webinar poll 3

Webinar recording: A new way of collaborating with data

In this recent webinar poll, 63% of respondents indicated that they expect to gain some operational benefits from innovative data delivery mechanisms, while 38% expect significant operational benefits.

Find out why there is a need for lower-cost reference data delivery mechanisms, how to balance between them and traditional models, the potential benefits of integrating new data delivery mechanisms and more...

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Fintech's next frontier webinar

Webinar recording: Fintech's next frontier: Data-as-a-Service

Watch this exciting webinar to hear our expert panel discuss the importance of Data-as-a-Service in facilitating remote working and accelerating digital initiatives within the financial markets industry.

Panelists include: fixed income execution and digital sales from NatWest Markets, CEO of MayStreet, Managing Director of Euromoney TRADEDATA, Deputy Chair of Engine - part of The Investment Association and the CEO of ipushpull.

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