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Tuesday, 18 October 2022 – London

Euromoney TRADEDATA is rebranding as ETD – a business with a brand-new identity, but a 25-year history of redefining what reference data can do for the futures and options community.

ETD’s new Data by Design tagline neatly sums up the core proposition it has followed from the start: to deliver trusted, high-quality derivatives reference data in ways that are carefully designed around its clients’ needs, technology and workflows.

Turning reference data into a competitive advantage

ETD’s constantly evolving suite of solutions is all about making reference data work harder so its clients can succeed in a highly competitive and fast-moving marketplace. So that means delivering complete, accurate and timely reference data which covers the exchanges, data points and asset classes they need. All seamlessly integrated into their workflow and delivered through favoured channels such as Excel, Symphony, Microsoft Teams or Slack. Giving them everything they need to trade more efficiently, ensure regulatory compliance and react instantly to changing markets.

Broadening access to Tier 1 trusted data

A key focus in recent years has been to bring quality reference data to market participants of all sizes, so everyone from small trading firms to major institutions can access the information they need through the channels that work for them.

A clear vision for the future

Looking ahead, ETD is continuing to find smarter ways to drive efficiency and performance for its clients and create new opportunities for its partners. A key focus is data management technology – an area that opens up multiple access paths to data anywhere at anytime, and does it efficiently and cost-effectively. It’s an opportunity that ETD is now exploring through close collaboration with its clients and its strategic partnerships with data and technology providers.

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