Message from our MD

Euromoney TRADEDATA - Reference data provider

To our valued clients, partners and industry colleagues

Euromoney TRADEDATA is a strategically important vendor to our clients and partners in the futures and options industry.  It is a role that we have played for almost 25 years and over that time, we have built trusted relationships with our clients, mutual partners, regulators and other participants in our shared marketplace. It is a market that is built to manage risk at times of uncertainty and volatility, such as the world is experiencing right now with both the tangible impacts of the Covid-19 virus and the intangible but equally devastating financial impact of related sentiment on the tradable markets.   

The essential nature of the reference data that we supply enables derivatives trades to be efficiently cleared, settled and reported to the regulator.  We understand the burden of high expectation the industry places on our service performance and to that end, we have a persistent investment road map, that enables us to exceed those expectations and provide an ever increasing resilience to our business operation, which is now fully in the cloud.   This has enabled us to provide a direct response to the Coronavirus outbreak, in asking our dedicated employees to work from their homes until further notice.  We have full levels of remote access to our data sourcing, data management, data production and delivery applications and services.  

We have also recently launched new workflow tools that enable our clients to access our detailed global data sets from anywhere they choose to work.  We have a web app, Excel add-in and a Symphony app with chat bot that are already adding a further layer of resilient trade operation, customer service and support capabilities to our clients, who are themselves facing the challenges of managing physical and digital resources to meet their own clients’ expectations.  

Euromoney TRADEDATA is a trusted partner to the industry and will be working alongside its clients and partners to maintain operational integrity throughout the increasingly difficult days still to face in the wake of this far-reaching pandemic.


Mark Woolfenden

Managing Director 



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