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Euromoney TRADEDATA - Data you can trust

For over 20 years, Euromoney TRADEDATA is proud to have supplied reference data services to our clients. During this time the company has worked closely with its customer base to innovate, develop and implement enhanced customised reference data solutions and has tackled market data vendor symbology, responded to increased activity in OTC clearing and new regulatory reporting requirements mandated as a response to the financial crisis.

Xymbology - Resolving symbols, enabling choice

Euromoney TRADEDATA is an independent business with an industry neutral position, a strength that encourages multi-vendor participation in this specialist area of symbol mapping.  This makes our Xymbology service the leading smart data feed of instrument data enriched with root or trade series level symbols, mapped to key market data and back office vendor identifiers.

RegXone - Resolving reporting, enabling compliance

RegXone ensures the data attributes that are mandated for regulatory trade reporting are available in reference data files, built to specific needs for asset class and exchange coverage requirements, and are compliant with relevant regulatory technical specifications.

ConSpex - Resolving contracts, enabling transparency

ConSpex is a proven, outsourced reference data service, which provides clients with access to trusted, golden copy securities master file data for use in front, middle, back office and market data systems, and the workflows that surround them, without the cost and risk of maintaining in-house teams.

Calendar - Resolving dates, enabling trading

Calendar is here to help middle office professionals keep on top of trading dates and still have the time to actively manage client portfolios without missing a trade execution.  For reference data technology professionals Calendar integrates seamlessly with configurations used in major back office vendor platforms or direct into your own proprietary system(s).

Forensyx - Resolving history, enabling closure

Whether reporting firms’ non-compliance is due to systems not fit for purpose, not adequately resourced or performing properly, or whether that is identified by internal audit, regulatory consultant audit or by an on the ground audit by the regulator itself, if you are without the data needed to comply then Forensyx should be your first stop.

ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

Our online ViewXone service enables instant access to detailed exchange and reference data on global futures and options contracts.  No more trawling across a multitude of resources to find what you need.  Want to know if it is an exchange holiday or the last trading date of a contract?  Just log in and look it up.

Symbology as a service

Specialist symbol mapping services for market data are available for the wider and deeper demands of the large international trading firms, but the innovation of data solutions that combine the best of on-demand technology with commercially available contracts, mean that small to medium firms can now use dynamic symbol transformation, specifically tailored to their portfolios, to access the same market data sources as the largest investment banks but at significantly lower costs.... See how Euromoney TRADEDATA can help you.

Session Times - Trading around the clock

Long gone is the simple definition of when a contract be traded at an exchange or asset class level, trading session times must now be linked to individual contracts.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Our DaaS API enables access to our institutional quality exchange and reference data on global futures options and OTC cleared derivatives markets. The on demand service offers customers easy and timely access to TRADEDATA’s extensive library of reference data content including intraday symbology and regulatory reporting data updates.

Intraday service - Global reference data in real time

It’s Groundhog Day again. Fed up of the daily grind? Out trades due to incorrect reference data? Regular trade breaks due to missing symbology? Hand patched symbols to get the trade through? Late night end-of-day file adjustments? Dawn time pre-market file checks? Following the sun, all by yourself? If you recognise these, you need to ditch the batch! Go faster, go Intraday from Euromoney TRADEDATA.

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