Solution Sheets

Xymbology - Resolving symbols, enabling choice

Xymbology Solution Sheet

Mission ready symbology feed of key market data and back office vendor identifiers mapped to tradeable instruments.

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Forensyx - Resolving history, enabling closure


Contract and symbology archive data to support regulatory investigations into historical transaction reporting.

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ConSpex - Resolving contracts, enabling transparency

ConSpex Solution Sheet

Industrial strength reference data that minimises trade failure in post-trade operations.

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RegXone - Resolving reporting, enabling compliance

RegXone Solution Sheet

On demand or data feed based, content-rich transaction reporting data that complies with key international regulatory mandates, all delivered into TRADEDATA’s powerful community data model for quality assurance. 

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Calendar - Resolving dates, enabling trading

Calendar Solution Sheet

Trading dates for your middle and back office, integrated with proprietary client or vendor based systems. 

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ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise


Instant access to golden copy data seamlessly across an enterprise.

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Regulation stamp on top of papers

MiFID II Regulatory Reporting Solution Sheet

A suite of transaction reporting data that complies with MiFID II regulation across Europe, available for key ETD and key OTC cleared markets 

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IRS wooden logo

IRS 871(m) Regulation Solution Sheet

The 871(m) service will offer customers the efficient and timely identification of affected contracts that would be subject to withholding tax. 

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