The perfect match.
Instant symbol mapping and dynamic tracking across the front, middle and back offices
Improve your operational efficiency and enhance your client experience with the industry’s leading symbology service.
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    Proven symbol mapping
    Benefit from a system curated and enhanced over 20+ years of working with tier 1 clients and partners to offer great choice and competitiveness
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    20+ distinct symbologies
    Leverage instrument data enriched with root or trade series level symbols and mapped to key market data and back-office vendor identifiers
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    Multi-vendor compatibility
    Ensure compatibility with instant ordering mapping from client platforms into clearing, settlement, portfolio and regulatory reporting systems
Developing a brand new plan
What Xymbology can do for you 

Xymbology’s cross-vendor symbology mapping data feeds – with full sets of identifiers – allow you to seamlessly on-board and manage clients who use differing systems for market data, order execution and trade management. 

  • Reduce your processing costs    
  • Improve risk management 
  • Accelerate new business   
  • Raise the quality of your service offering  

All delivered in the format you need across multiple trading platforms and workflow systems. 

Key Features
Exchange traded and OTC futures and options
Dynamic tracking of open positions
Real-time prices from alternative sources
EMIR RTS 2.0 Delivery Point, Duration, Days of the Week and Load Delivery Intervals​.
Delivery Channels
  1. A single, easy-to-use portal that puts all of ETD’s data at your fingertips
  2. Apps that fit your workflow and put the power of data exactly where you want it
  3. API
    Anytime access to machine-readable, high-quality reference data directly into your systems
  4. Effortless desktop access and sharing of ETD’s data sets through our easy-to-use Excel add-in
Technology Vendor, Global Head of Data Operations
We use ETD to provide an extra layer of consistency for the important fields so we don't have to go to multiple providers and suffer integration and technical headaches. We don’t need to get a field from hundreds of different places when we can get it all normalised through ETD.
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Instant symbol mapping and dynamic tracking across the front, middle and back offices
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