Euromoney TRADEDATA's custom apps

On demand reference data allows client access to TRADEDATA's industry trusted, global futures and options reference data, wherever they are, on the desktop, mobile, messaging and automated processes.

Euromoney TRADEDATA's custom app for internal and external data sharing on collaborative messaging platforms, such as Symphony, powerfully connects multi-party users across an enterprise and between counter-parties, to help resolve data issues, for example, on trade breaks.  Interactive search with context sensitive filters and sorting enable access to detailed reference data in real time. 

On demand apps that put the power of technology and data where you want it. 

Euromoney TRADEDATA, workflow you can rely on.

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Welcome to TaDa!, the new Bot on the reference data circuit.

Designed from the ground up, TaDa can handle routine and complex tasks to access the reference data you need fast, with pinpoint accuracy, as part of your daily workflow. 

From finding missing values, to validating incorrect data or checking regulatory transaction reports, TaDa smooths out the bumps in post-trade exception processing, either inline or driven by manual intervention.

Don't let your trade breaks get you down; let TaDa do the work, so you don't have to and spend your time on the things that really matter.

TaDa!  A data service to shout about.

Contact to find out more.

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