Why ViewXone?

Our online ViewXone service enables instant access to detailed exchange and reference data on global futures and options contracts.  No more trawling across a multitude of resources to find what you need.  Want to know if it is an exchange holiday or the last trading date of a contract?  Just log in and look it up.

ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

“Configured to access your universe of global listed derivatives markets reference data instantly with no technology overhead”

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Instant Access

ViewXone provides instant access, without the overhead and cost of infrastructure, to high quality, normalised reference data, offered to the industry through collaboration with exchanges and alliance partners, whose strong relationships enable a dedicated team of data controllers to collate, interpret and validate information consistently, accurately and reliably.

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Cost Effective

ViewXone allows subscribed access to user selected data items, asset class and exchange coverage, all supported through its proven community data model which, for over two decades, has lowered both cost and just as importantly, the risk for the industry. 

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ViewXone enables easy client access, anywhere, to trusted, golden copy securities master, symbology and regulatory data to support front, middle, back office and market data systems and the workflows that surround them, without the cost and risk of maintaining in-house teams and without the cost of a data feed infrastructure.

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ViewXone - Resolving access, enabling the enterprise

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