XTD Excel Add-in

Access global trade data and collaborate in real time

Instant desktop access to detailed exchange and reference data on global futures and options contracts, integrated within spreadsheet-based workflows, with real time sharing and collaboration.

XTD offers customers easy and timely access to its extensive library of reference data content including intraday updates of symbology and regulatory reporting data, to quickly resolve trade breaks and trade flow processing issues, with its integrated workflow and collaborative sharing capabilities.


XTD Excel Add-in

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Why XTD Excel Add-in?

XTD Excel Add-in enables easy client access to trusted, golden copy securities master data, to support front, middle, back office and market data operations, with an integrated sharing and collaborative workflow solution, without the cost and risk of maintaining in-house teams and without the cost of a data feed infrastructure.


  • Easy access to industry trusted golden copy reference data

  • Instantly share and collaborate to resolve trade breaks

  • Reduce cost and risk of in-house teams

  • Avoid the cost of data feeds and related infrastructure

  • Improve operational efficiency and minimise process failures

  • Raise quality of service to clients

  • Ensure consistent reference data across the enterprise

  • Pay only for what you need and how often you want it.

XTD Excel Add-in

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