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The trusted reference data source for the futures and options community.

ETD (previously Euromoney TRADEDATA) provides information from the world’s trading exchanges and market participants, validating and normalising complex derivatives data and delivering it to the listed derivatives industry as gold standard trade reference data. Our clients range from tier one global banks to market participants trading specific markets and asset classes.

Fully customised around our clients’ needs and technology ecosystems, our data enables our clients to achieve seamless trading, clearing and settlement while reducing risk and reacting faster to changing markets.
The ETD difference
Market leaders seek us out for the breadth and depth of our experience and our data.
110+ exchanges
unrivalled coverage of the tradeable universe
9 / 10
of the top global investment banks choose ETD
25 years
of providing trusted data
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Our Story

Since our launch in 1997, ETD has recorded many innovative firsts in data solutions, transforming the way trading firms of all sizes access and leverage mission-critical information. And we are continuing to pioneer new services through our leading edge personal workflow products and well-established partner programme.

Forging alliances

The key to our success has been the ability to source proprietary data from organisations that would otherwise be competitors, starting with Reuters (now Refinitiv) in 2004. This led to the development of our flagship Xymbology product, which enables our clients to compete for business no matter which trading platforms and service providers are used by their customers.

Innovating every step of the way

For a quarter of a century, we have worked in close partnership with our customer base to innovate, develop and deliver enhanced reference data solutions covering everything from exchange fees, position limits and market data vendor symbology to the latest regulatory reporting requirements. We have also responded to increased activity in OTC clearing.

As well as tackling new global challenges, we are also leveraging fresh opportunities, developing data management technologies that not only provide multiple access paths, anywhere at any time, but also the ability to deliver only the data that is needed, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We curate the tradeable universe

Today, we are known for offering the most comprehensive and trustworthy futures and options reference data, customised to our clients’ workflows and systems.

In fact, ETD reference data is widely used to validate data from other sources, power proprietary software and automate trades, and our team also has the capability to help our clients develop solutions to many other operational and business challenges.

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Meet the team
Our people bring a combination of expertise and energy that sets us apart. With extensive domain knowledge and a track record of long-lasting relationships with top financial organisations, we understand clients’ needs and how to translate them into data solutions that drive growth.
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